Wishing for fall color? Want a new yard in the spring?

Do you wish you had the fall color you see around the neighborhood? Whether it’s a full landscape redesign or just a fall color spruce up, we can help. Fall is also a great time to plant bulbs for spring color.
As we move into winter, get ready to start a landscape design for next spring! Winter is the perfect time to get your landscape design done so you are ready to install as soon as the ground thaws, before the installers get too busy.


Product Spotlight! Core Gravel

CORE Gravel™ is a gravel stabilizing system that consists of a foundation of connected honeycomb-celled panels with a geotextile backing. Once filled with gravel this system is ideal for vehicle or pedestrian traffic with no compromise in strength and durability. This eco-friendly system costs less than asphalt, concrete or block pavers.

CORE Gravel solves the problems associated with loose gravel; sinking, migrating and forming ruts. This is a proven solution for hassle-free gravel paving for all types of vehicle or pedestrian traffic with no compromise in strength and durability. The underside incorporates a durable geotextile which is heat welded to each cell, allowing water to drain easily while preventing weed growth. All panel edges have an interlocking system that makes for easy installation, even on steep grades. Made with either 100% recycled PP (polypropylene, black or green) or recyclable PP material (white or gray).